1. Aquila

    From information supplied by Judy Beckes Talcott

    Aquila was founded in 1971 by Jerome F. Beckes a businessman from New Mexico focused on supplying specialized computer equipment to Albuquerque’s burgeoning technology industry. By 1979, Aquila was established as a as a provider of computing solutions in simulation and visualization applications. Customers included the Air Force Research Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia.

    In 1984, Steve Kadner became a partner in the business and the company became one of New Mexico’s pioneers in computer production and networking. By 1989, the company had begun to design and build specialized equipment for the International Safeguards market.

    Throughout the 1990s developed and manufactured equipment for nuclear safeguards including radiation detection, surveillance, containment, and NDA. This included secure camera systems, networks, and seals.

    In 1999 Aquila was bought by Canberra Industries, which was sold to Areva in 2001. Eventually Aquila was chosen to manage the military dosimeter business that became part of Canberra  through the acquisition of Aptec-RMC by Areva.

    Eventually the Aquila business freed itself from Areva-Canberra control and became independent one again. Dr. Markku Koskelo, who was instrumental in the development of software and systems at Canberra, joined Aquila as Chief Scientist.